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Rep. should support bill addressing transportation

Today, Rep. Carolyn Bourdeaux will help finalize a major bill in the House’s Transportation & Infrastructure committee.

As a resident of Duluth, I urge Rep. Bourdeaux to push forward bold investments that will create jobs and reduce pollution. We need to invest $1.8 trillion in rail, public transit, roads, bridges and airports – just to get existing infrastructure to a “B” grade. President Biden’s American Jobs Plan has proposed only a third of that amount. By investing based on our actual needs, we can create 3 million additional jobs.

There are major gaps in Gwinnett County’s transit system, some of which could be mitigated by the dollars this bill would provide. I want to see thriving public transit both in Gwinnett County and across the state to support our local economies and reduce pollution.

Rep. Bourdeaux should support Rep. Garcia’s amendments to make this bill stronger. We need visionary investment!


What is happening with our local government?

I have been a resident since 1979 and a retired employee with the government after 34 years of service.

Since the election turn over, this county has become a disaster. We now have a sheriff under investigation for not giving licenses to bonding companies because they did not contribute to his campaign. In addition, the school board is under investigation by the state by their actions which could leave the school system not having accreditation. The new tax collector after being elected with a set salary now wants extra money to collect property taxes from the cities after the legislature ruled against this.

As a long term citizen and property owner, I’m ashamed that what is happening.