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Trump’s legal woes rise, but so do his poll numbers

With Trump’s legal woes mounting, bringing concerns about being unable to raise money for bonds, and his campaign funds becoming drained by legal fees, you would think his popularity would wane. Yet, Trump’s numbers continue to rise, not only in the coveted swing states but with Black and Hispanic voters.

The Dems continue to tell the electorate that they are “doing good” economically and that the Republicans are the cause of border problems. This reasoning insults voters who know that food, housing, and gas prices are out of control.

At the border, thousands are soaking up precious resources that poor communities could use. Biden did away with Trump’s border policy, and after three years of doing nothing, he owns those problems.

I believe that Trump could actually win again because the Dems continue to try to take him down with legalities, and the mainstream media no longer reports both sides of the story. Trump supporters, independents, and, yes, some Democrats know this makes the playing field unfair, and Americans feel if they can do that to a former President, they can do it to them.


Women have prospered under Biden administration

Since Biden was elected president, women have been driving all sorts of economic gains, from entrepreneurship to consumption. They are opening more businesses, landing more high-paying jobs, and establishing major footholds in industries that men have traditionally dominated. Women-created businesses overall increased 17% in 2023, and women make up 47% of America’s workforce.

In Georgia, women make up 52% of the population. That’s a powerful number that can determine the 2024 elections as the ladies decide which candidates for office and political party are more likely to listen to them, give their interests and concerns weight, and afford them a seat at the table.