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MLB’s reason for pullout untethered from truth

One high-profile element of the leftist meltdown in response to Georgia’s voting reforms is the decision by MLB to pull its All Star game out of Atlanta.

Gov. Brian Kemp has said, “we won’t back down,” and that’s precisely the correct stance. There is not a shred of suppression or racism in that law, and MLB, Coke, Delta, et al., know it. If MLB can manufacture a reason from that legislation to pull its All Star game out of Georgia, they’ll be able to fashion one from literally anything. The rantings characterizing these modest reforms as “Jim Crow in a suit” are entirely untethered from truth, and attempting to govern a state while appeasing such mindlessness would be impossible.

If MLB wishes to take its game out of Atlanta, they should have the courage to cite the suppressive elements in the law that drove their decision. I won’t hold my breath.


Attempts to justify election laws doubles down on lie

Gov Brian Kemp’s comments trying to justify the recently passed election laws reminds me of how criminals launder ill gotten gains. Just because money is laundered doesn’t change the fact that it was stolen.

Kemp is trying to launder new election laws that have ill intent by trying to convince any one he can that the laws are justified. He uses language that twists the facts about the newly passed laws. His justification is that people don’t trust the election process. Yes, people that chose to believe the big lie that the election was stolen. This seems to be a tactic used by Republicans these days. If you hear someone lie about something and people seem to believe it, then by golly use that lie to further your cause. Double down on that lie.

Of course in this case, it has been proven to be a lie beyond any doubt. Kemp and his minions are showing us their dark side. They learned from the most visible con man in modern history.


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