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Ideas to change Stone Mountain Park sound fair

The article “CEO: ‘Tell truth’ about Stone Mountain Park,” News, April 27, concerning the issues with the Confederate Monuments at Stone Mountain should be of interest to all Georgians.

The park has been a part of many lives for years. I agree with the CEO of Stone Mountain Park, Bill Stephens, that changes should be made. I also agree that the changes should be agreeable to everyone. His proposal to confine the World’s Largest Confederate Monument to one area seems very fair. It would give everyone the ability to make their own choice, as to whether they wanted to view it or not.

This should make all visitors to the park appreciative that they have a choice. This is what democracy is all about.


Erasing monuments will not erase evil deeds

It was the summer of 1956 that I first saw the carving at Stone Mountain. It was not completed. No sign to explain it’s existence. It was just a beautiful and memorable experience to see it. The result of a man’s dream. Now there are those who would destroy it because some men conspired evil things there. It apparently does not matter to those who would destroy it that many thousands more people have assembled there to pray to God and celebrate Easter.

Physically, the carving is a beautiful rendering of proud men on horses. Nothing more. Nothing less. To destroy the carving will not erase the Civil War or evil deeds. We need the historic reminder that it should never happen again. But slavery does exist today!

Great leaders focus on solving the present problems, using the mistakes of history to guide them. Do we have any great leaders?


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