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Fair re-redistricting possible if leaders rise above politics

What a stunningly simple approach to redistricting advocated by Joe Bankoff, “How we can protect real integrity of election” (Opinion, Jan. 9).

Of the million possible rules-compliant maps drawn by The Princeton Gerrymandering Project, there must be some that match up with his suggestion. The maps adopted by the Georgia Legislature do not take this approach, quite the opposite in most instances.

I consider it lucky that my neighborhood is entirely within the same Senate district. Not so for the House, where we are divided into three districts and have been. And for the federal House district, two.

We know it is possible to have fair districts. Perhaps one day, we can find a way to rise above the less-admirable aspects of human nature for the greater good.


Nation’s problems grow under Biden leadership

It’s a new year — unfortunately, with the same president. President Biden has rapidly reversed and negated President Trump’s policies and accomplishments. For example, Biden stopped southern border wall construction, fought the “remain in Mexico” policy for asylum seekers. He also canceled the Keystone XL Pipeline while allowing Putin’s Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipeline, tried to curtail government-land drilling leases, and enacted inflation-triggering policies and legislation.

Moreover, he shifted responsibility for his promised “shutting down” of COVID to the states — typical of Biden, who routinely shifts blame for his failures. With Trump, we had lowered taxes, a booming pre-COVID economy, real wage growth, energy independence, record low unemployment for minorities, a low poverty rate, reduced illegal immigration, strong stands regarding foreign adversaries and Operation Warp Speed’s production of COVID vaccines in record time. We face worsening measures on many of these fronts with Biden and a constant display of “Operation Warped Thinking.”