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Rise in homicides goes back to disrespect for authority

The Atlanta police chief expressed the increase in homicides very well when he said it’s impossible to deal with IQs that allow someone to kill another over mayonnaise. And he’s right - how can a program be devised to protect and serve when individuals with a total lack of judgment are easily impressed by the main topic of the media, which is violence. Sex and violence, violence and sex, with pedophiles coming out of the woodwork, along with teachers, instructors and coaches confessing improper encounters with students.

Our grandparents always talked about the world going crazy, but crazy doesn’t cover today’s madness. And the problem is that the craziness is in the air we breathe. Turn on the TV or pick up a newspaper or magazine, and what do you get? Craziness!! Most of it comes from a total lack of respect for our police officers and school officials, and the media’s insatiable eagerness to present every bit of the gory details. I try not to buy anything I’ve seen advertised, and I will not vote for a Democrat of any size, color or sexual preference.


Some evangelicals too close to Trump, Republican Party

Evangelical Christianity in America looks more and more like a political party rather than a religion.

They have become an extension of the Republican Party by providing religious cover for the party’s stances on abortion, same-sex marriage, LGBTQ rights, prayer in the schools and other sharply divisive social issues that fuel the heated disputes on which the GOP thrives.

Their Jesus is a follower of Donald Trump. And when Republicans set their sights on erasing the separation of church and state, evangelicals will be leading the charge.

At the very least, evangelical churches should lose their tax-exempt status and be recognized as a danger to our constitutional republic.