Readers Write


Trump’s effort to suppress the vote won’t work

President Trump believes the only way he can win the election is if he successfully suppresses the vote of millions of Americans. He installs a crony as postmaster general who immediately raises doubts that mail-in ballots will be mailed out and returned in time. He encourages his supporters to illegally monitor the polls, obviously for voter intimidation. He does nothing to contain the surging coronavirus, believing many people won’t risk their lives to vote in person. He baselessly calls mail-in voting a fraudulent hoax to further discourage people from voting. Trump’s voter suppression tactics will backfire in Georgia. We will vote in this election in numbers never before seen. Nothing will keep us from voting: not intimidation, not Trump’s lies and scare tactics, not the coronavirus. Georgians don’t cower in the face of a bully. We will proudly deliver 16 electoral votes to Joe Biden on Nov. 3.


Beware McBath’s, supporters' efforts to hinder 2nd Amendment

Lucy McBath’s political ads about gun violence are moving, but don’t vote for someone out of sympathy, vote based on their policies. She is contradictory about gun control, aligning herself with organizations that claim to be OK with private ownership but really oppose private ownership. Michael Bloomberg’s large donations to her campaign and his desire to hinder the 2nd Amendment are good examples. Another is the focus on weapons rather than people. A drunk driver hits and kills someone. Do we sue the vehicle manufacturer? No, the cause was the drunk driver, not the car. Yet McBath wants people to be able to hold gun manufacturers responsible when someone is killed by a firearm. That ability to sue will force American firearms manufacturers out of business. But that is the goal: elimination of private ownership of firearms in the United States.