Readers Write: Pondering Trump’s next memorable campaign slogan

Pondering Trump’s next memorable campaign slogan

During the 2016 presidential campaign, Donald Trump famously said, “I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters.” I wonder if the supremely egotistical Trump will brag this year about the loyalty of his followers. If so, I have a suggestion as to what he might say. “I could sit in my living quarters in the White House day after day, tweeting insanely while watching Fox News personalities praise me as hundreds of thousands of Americans die, because I lied about the virus and failed to take actions to protect the public, and I wouldn’t lose any voters.”


Trump acted as Dems stood by feebly in face of violent protests

The Democrats claimed protesters were “mostly peaceful” while rioters were smashing, looting and burning. President Donald Trump tried to convince the Democratic mayors of those cities to stop the rioters by bringing in police or the National Guard. Instead, the mayors just watched, seemingly agreeing that the rioters were seeking “reparations” or the need to “feed their families.” Now Biden is claiming Trump is the cause of the riots and is “pouring gasoline on the flames.” Does Biden actually expect us to believe he can bring it all under control? That’s as likely to happen as our national debt disappearing.


Pandemic’s human losses should compel us to be vigilant, take precautions

I would like to put our COVID-19 deaths in the perspective of major historical events. So far, our death toll of 197,000 Americans has surpassed American military deaths in World War I. It exceeds the cumulative American death toll of the Korean War (36,500), Vietnam War (58,200), Gulf War (383) and Iraq/Afghanistan (6,773). The coronavirus death toll also exceeds the annual American deaths in 2018 from seasonal flu (60,000), car accidents (36,500), opioids (46,000) and guns (40,000). COVID-19 deaths in Georgia (6,000) have already exceeded the number of Georgians killed in World War II (5,701). If one projection turns out to be correct, by the end of 2020, the COVID-19 death toll will exceed American military deaths in four years of World War II (400,000). Will it take the loss of a loved one for us to take this virus seriously and do simple things like wear a mask, stay socially distant and wash our hands?


Biden faces uphill battle in era of foreign interference

There is little doubt to me the Biden campaign has an uphill battle in this election. The Russians clearly prefer Trump, and I see evidence that the right wing media is more than happy to have Putin’s help. The Trump smear machine is working overtime to paint Joe Biden as mentally unfit to serve as president. Our president and his campaign know that in a debate of ideas, they are at a disadvantage. Why hasn’t the Trump campaign come forth with their plan to save Social Security and Medicare? How about a plan to reduce the deficit? It’s the same story as always, folks: “Follow the money.” The money will be in the pockets of the wealthy, and we will return to the good old days of the early 1930s. Maybe someday, someone will run for president who wants to put a chicken in every pot. For now, we are stuck with Trump and his campaign manager with the Russian accent.


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