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Public demonstrations put ‘fair trial’ in jeopardy

The American system of trials by juries (similar to the British) is the fairest among trial systems conducted by human beings, bar none. Such trials are the very closest to objectivity available to mankind. They attempt to present all reasonable evidence, fair to both sides in each case, within legitimate rules. They are the best means to avoid the “kangaroo court” methods too often applied outside of America by dictators and other despots.

A judge (or a panel of judges in some appeal hearings) conducts the trial within applicable rules of law. A jury of non-prejudging peers of the defendant is selected to decide what is true, based upon the evidence presented in court, while judges decide the proper application of laws. Tampering with the jury’s decision by outside influences, especially by implied threats or payoffs, is outrageously unlawful and wrong. There is no “fair trial” if someone’s outside agenda is allowed to rule over due process. Stop the public demonstrations!


Why Democrats are not to blame for rising prices

Let’s discuss the letter to the editor blaming Democrats for America’s problems. First, OPEC has cut production. That causes the price of oil and gasoline to go up. Second, inflation happens when prices go up because the cost goes up of transporting items by truck, such as food, clothes, electronics, etc. Third, having most goods sold in America but made overseas because companies don’t want to pay a living wage causes major problems, unlike when most goods sold here were made here.

Republicans have never liked blue-collar workers because, unlike mega-corporations, blue-collar workers/middle-class workers can’t pay bribes (legalized by the U.S. Supreme Court not too long ago). Green jobs would help with climate change/global warming and pay a living wage. These are just a few things wrong with the letter writer, who seems to get news from Republicans and neocon news outlets like Fox.