Readers write

China’s takeover of Taiwan would further dissolve freedom across world

Pat Buchanan says, “Independence for Taiwan is not worth fighting over.” He says we let China impose its will on Hong Kong without a fight, and he believes we cannot beat China because they have 1.4 billion people, and we only have 340 million. The question of freedom was not mentioned in his screed. Just like a Putin victory in Ukraine, China’s takeover of Taiwan would pave the way for authoritarian governance to dissolve freedom across the planet. Hong Kong belongs to China. It was given back as required by law and treaty.

Taiwan is an independent and free state, with a government selected by its citizens. Big difference.


Inflation Reduction Act just another welfare expansion

The legally registered Georgia voters didn’t put two Democrats into the Senate. The “budget” bill they’re so proud of is simply another way to expand welfare in Georgia. But that’s all they have to offer.

Corporations that provide jobs in Georgia will help pay for the expansion while considering a move out of the country. Another case of producers supporting non-producers. Rev. Warnock doesn’t know anything about corporate taxation, and neither does Ossoff.

All they know is that Biden promised a free ride for everyone.


Close-minded voters push our republic toward oblivion

Regarding the letter writer in Readers Write on Aug. 2, quoting the letter-writer, “I try not to buy anything I’ve seen advertised, and I will not vote for a Democrat of any size, color or sexual preference.”

He completely buys into the political “advertising” that the Republican party spews forth, a party that engages in criminal anti-democratic activities while continuing to support the consummate liar and authoritarian wannabe, Donald Trump.

In his closed-mindedness, the writer unwittingly disavows the only political party truly representing democratic republicanism.