Readers Write: Reader wonders why GOP stopped Jan. 6 commission


Lack of morals to blame for societal ills

Here are a few of the problems we are having in our country today: Demonstrations used as an excuse to riot, loot, burn and destroy; the use of guns for revenge, robbery, to “settle” arguments, intimidation and others; use of public office for personal gain; murdering unborn children; brainwashing children to political agendas; telephone and internet fraud; the blatant running of red lights, etc. ad nauseum.

Why is all of this happening? There is only one answer and it applies to all of it: Morals! If you think about it, the lack of morals is the root of all the evils that we are experiencing and the solution is being systematically expunged from our society: Religion! The “why” of morality is learned at the basic level in religion. It is further instilled by devoted parents in the home. It is transformed into principles and ethics in the classroom by dedicated teachers. Our country is dying! Religion can save it if we let it.


Reader wonders why GOP stopped Jan. 6 commission

I would think by now the Republicans would have learned not to shoot themselves in the foot.

They still pay homage to the guy that lost. He did not get the most votes in 2016 or 2020. An unofficial vote audit in Fulton county will cost money and prove nothing. The Senate Republicans blocked the Bipartisan Commission of the Jan. 6 Insurrection attack on Congress.

That makes me wonder why. Are they afraid of the truth? One representative from Georgia claimed that that there was no disruption that day but you can see him putting furniture against the House door to keep out the mob. I may not agree with everything Biden proposes, but he is the president. The other guy lost. Biden is President. Get over it.