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Former Atlantan says thanks to poll workers here

I was moved by the pictures and written words of your election coverage, noting poll workers' constant, conscientious efforts to count the vote. As a lapsed Georgian who grew up in Atlanta, it made me smile and reflect on a time when Atlanta wore the title of “The city too busy to hate,” and reminded me of my responsibilities and my past to work for a more-united America. Thank you, election workers; your efforts reminded me what it is all about.


Honoring veterans' sacrifice through pursuing peace

Being a veteran is taking an oath, doing your duty, and recognizing your military service. You have then earned the title, “veteran.” Veterans are a diversity of genders, races, ethnicities, and beliefs. Unfortunately, war brings attrition to many veterans, through death, and wounds to both mind and body that continue at home. As veterans, we work for peace: globally, nationally, in the community and the family, and within. Veterans learn to know who they are, and they do what matters for the well-being and freedoms of all. Veterans are self-effacing and humble. As a Vietnam veteran, I believe peace can be attained by communication with mediation and negotiation. This would be the way to avert conflict. It is in my prayer, “Thank you, veterans, peace and good health.”


New citizens might have been pulled into ‘voting’ scam

I have had someone helping me around my house for over 15 years. She spent years and thousands of dollars to become a U.S. citizen and vote in the 2016 presidential election. I asked her if she had voted in this election. With a big smile, she said, “Yes!” When I asked how, she said, “Online … on my phone.” When I explained that wasn’t possible, she realized it was a fake. We pulled up her name on the Georgia My Voter Page, and she saw she had not voted. She left immediately to go vote. Luckily, she did it quickly at her assigned voting precinct. She told me her son and others had “voted” online the same way. I am so mad and scared for the difference it will make in the state of Georgia. All citizens should be outraged over this. Newer citizens could easily be tricked because of the coronavirus and all the resulting new procedures.


Dems' victories in Gwinnett show allure of socialism, ‘free’ services

Regarding “Dems win decisively in Gwinnett races” (Metro, Nov. 5), voters are attracted to government officials who favor socialism. That’s apparent in the voting trends the last couple of days. Democratic voters want progressive visionaries; the role of wealth changed; food for the homeless; illegal alien barriers broken; free abortions; free sex change surgeries; guaranteed income; free rent, and free college. In the wealth-changing category, they want taxes raised on the wealthy and corporations and to tax all savings accounts. Gwinnett County will be subsidized by all the other Georgia counties. And they’ll be subsidized by taxpayers everywhere.


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