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Thanks to Ga. leaders who understood importance of election integrity

Regarding “Election results won’t change Georgia” (Insights, Dec. 9), Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan deftly uses the metaphor of a pitcher pulled from a baseball game to illustrate the necessity of one person stepping aside for the greater good. He can only be faulted for what must be one disingenuous assertion: There is no way that, as someone who values the rule of law, he could honestly wish Donald Trump had been reelected. Republican leaders in Georgia upholding the results of our elections, including Duncan, Brad Raffensperger and Brian Kemp, have been cast by fate into the role of “hero” in this election cycle. They each understand that the very foundation of our democracy – the platform that holds our grand experiment together – is the integrity of our elections. You take this one thing away, and what once looked invincible begins to unravel. Recounts are fair, and then the side that lost must graciously concede.


Senators should be ashamed to support end-run around democracy

In the U.S. Senate runoffs, millions of Georgians are voting for Republicans David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler knowing full well both are betraying their offices and their country. Like almost all Republicans in Congress, Perdue and Loeffler refuse to acknowledge the obvious – that Joe Biden won an honest election in Georgia and the nation. These cowards are encouraging Trump’s blatant efforts to remain in office by overthrowing democracy, because they fear the wrath of his “base.” Thus, they’re displaying a total lack of integrity, character and patriotism. What does that say about those who still support them? Donald Trump is a would-be authoritarian dictator, and most GOP politicians and voters apparently don’t care. What has this nation come to? Where is the outrage?


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