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World’s changing climate could be used for good

Let’s take advantage of global warming. Rather than bemoan the weather effects of a warmer climate, we should use this opportunity to improve our standard of living and provide an abundance of fresh water, food and energy for our entire population.

First, we can collect the freshwater runoff from melting glaciers and fill our lakes, reservoirs and aquifers with potable water. Second, we can use the longer growing seasons to improve crop yield, plant additional grains and increase our production of carbohydrates. Additionally, crop innovation due to climate change could provide additional species of citrus and other varieties of fruits and vegetables. Finally, we can use proven technology to reclaim methane from landfills and the millions of tons of the gas emanating from the melting permafrost and transform it into useable, renewable natural gas, heating homes and factories and providing fuel for electric power plants supplying electricity for our electric cars and trucks.

Make lemonade!


Walker’s many gaffes show Warnock the clear choice

No doubt, Sen. Warnock’s supporters must shake their heads, wondering how their opponent’s circus of a campaign performs like a Timex watch. The gaffe-prone Walker takes repeated lickings and keeps on ticking. He is scorned by his own family members and distrusted by educated women who came of age during and after Roe v. Wade. His ability to communicate policy is limited to mom, apple pie and the American flag. Will his future policies be dictated by the last person to whisper in his ear?

Since Texas is Walker’s primary residence, will he represent Georgia or Texas if elected? End this potential nightmare by voting for a candidate with a track record of accomplishment and an ability to reach across the aisle to get work done for the American people.

We’ve already experienced government led by a know-nothing celebrity. It didn’t end well.

Select a proven, sure-handed veteran like incumbent Sen. Warnock, not a fumble-prone rookie.