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Biden’s immigration policies bigger problem than climate change

Contrary to the Biden administration and the news media, climate change is not the most pressing issue this county faces. Instead, it’s at the bottom of the list for the American public.

President Biden’s open borders immigration policies have created uncontrolled chaos for U.S. citizens. And it’s obvious that those who want to change America are attempting to change the political demographics of Texas to Democrat. The Democratic party wants to assure that outcome and wants to federalize elections before the 2022 midterms.


Parents who threaten school officials should be prosecuted

I’m pleased that the U.S. Justice Department is addressing nationwide threats against school board members, administrators and teachers in heated conflicts over COVID-19 safety policies.

Here’s the background: Donald Trump has consistently downplayed the COVID-19 pandemic, encouraged resistance to vaccination and mask-wearing, and peddled ineffective and dangerous alternative therapies. His devotees have latched onto the sick notion that their “personal liberty” entitles them to expose everyone around them, including their children, to lethal risk.

Not content to refuse to vaccinate and wear masks themselves, they’re now making violent, terroristic threats against officials who mandate vaccinations and masks in public schools all across the country. Those who deny the reality of the pandemic and rail against vaccinations and masks deserve shame and ridicule. When they commit or threaten violence, they should be prosecuted to the most severe extent of the law.

They should endure this treatment until they retreat into the shadows and leave the civilized world alone.


Vote Act needed to make process fair for all

In kindergarten, I learned the importance of being fair. It’s a lesson I haven’t forgotten. I believe in fair rules for voting that make it easy and convenient for citizens to vote, not rules that make voting more difficult. No rules should make it more difficult for citizens to vote. For example, they should consider possible health limitations and work requirements. Likewise, we should eliminate rules that affect minorities more than others. That is why I want Congress to pass the Freedom to Vote Act! This Act must become law so that rules that restrict or make voting more difficult cannot stand. Citizens of Georgia and throughout the United States need and deserve the protections provided by the Freedom to Vote Act.


‘Captain Kirk’'s space journey an example of aging well

Go, Captain Kirk!

Each of us should have the enthusiasm, wonder, curiosity, and fitness to allow us to fly into space at age 90, as William Shatner, “Captain Kirk,” did last Wednesday. Perhaps those qualities helped him become age 90!

One person said, “What if he dies during the flight?” What a way to go out! As Captain Kirk goes into the “stratosphere of life,” I admire his great example of aging by welcoming challenges. We should all think big and welcome ideas which are out of this world.

I’ve never been a Star Trek fan, and since I became Capt. Kirk in the U.S. Marines years ago, many people have reminded me -- go, Captain Kirk!