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Pitts’ columns raise the bar for being mean-spirited

Look up “mean-spirited” in a dictionary, and you’ll find: “feeling or showing a cruel desire to cause harm or pain.” The left continually refers to the right as mean-spirited, but Leonard Pitts’ “There’s no ‘persuade’ for Trump backers” (Opinion, Sept. 11), and his other columns show he’s the poster guy for mean-spirited.

The venom Pitts spews in his columns makes MAGA Republicans seem like choirboys by comparison. And while President Biden, Leonard Pitts and others have attempted to turn the acronym “MAGA” into a curse word, one should remember that it stands for “Make America Great Again.”

Anyone, such as Pitts, who raises wiping out their political opponents by force of arms and then wants to claim those opponents are the dangerous ones, shows who the real threat to democracy is.

Being against wanting to make America great again gives a clear picture of where the left’s sentiments lie.


Buchanan’s response to Biden speech is wrong

Pat Buchanan’s Sept. 11 column response to President Biden’s recent speech stating that MAGA Republicans were out of touch and clearly wrong about much of their beliefs, including conspiracy theories, was completely wrong.

In his first remark, Buchanan insinuates that middle America is only made up of Republicans. It is not. But according to recent polls, over 70% of Republicans still do not believe President Biden is our duly elected president.

On all of his other points, Buchanan fails miserably in denying that Biden’s speech wasn’t truthfully explaining the MAGA doctrine. “MAGA forces … promote authoritarian leaders … .” Yes, they do – just look at Trump.

“MAGA Republicans don’t respect the constitution… .” Of course not. They tried to overthrow our government. And lastly, “Biden is here denouncing hyporcritically his own Catholic faith …” is just wrong. He understands that our country was founded on the principle of separation of church and state.

A house divided? Yes, but not by Biden, but by the hyper-conservative Christian nationalists who support Trump and that Buchanan and his ilk embrace without thoughts of consequences.