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Rittenhouse verdict brought this letter writer to tears

Every American institution is deeply corrupt and pathological. The government, the Department of Justice, the FBI, the teachers’ unions, corporate media, big business, Hollywood, sports.

All but one. One thin, imperfect protector of justice and the final defense against complete authoritarian control. The courts.

And that is why I cried when I heard the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict.


Where’s bill to protect elections officials from harassment?

Our Georgia legislators thought it was necessary to introduce numerous bills to establish laws to protect against voter fraud. And not one bill to protect those responsible for ensuring the integrity of the vote from being harassed or threatened. We are aware of numerous claims of voter fraud without a single verification. We are also aware of a recorded telephone call whereby the Georgia Secretary of State was harassed, threatened and told to find enough votes to overturn the final results. And yet, this verifiable act is totally ignored by our state representatives. Accordingly, I would greatly appreciate a detailed explanation of why our representatives choose to take action and the non-action they have taken.


AJC’s coverage of Black-on-Black murder lacking

Interesting how the AJC puts the Ahmaud Arbery case on the headlines, but the 8-year-old Black child Kayden Jones, killed in Atlanta, gets lower billing. I guess if it’s Black-on-Black murder in Atlanta, it’s not news. But white men are accused of killing a Black man, and the AJC will sensationalize it. I’m curious why the deaths of Blacks in Atlanta by other Blacks don’t get the same coverage? I’m guessing it’s redirection by the paper to not focus on the killings of Blacks by other Blacks and the lack of response in the Atlanta metro area. It must be that it is so common that it just doesn’t justify making news. Or, maybe the Atlanta mayor is putting together another committee to fight crime.