Readers Write: Republicans should think about placing blame elsewhere


Republicans should think about placing blame elsewhere

When the MLB commissioner moves the All-Star game out of Atlanta in response to the voting bill that only Republicans supported, who do Republicans blame? Democrats!

The MLB commissioner would move the All Star Game to Tel Aviv if he thought it would make money and increase interest in the dying sport of baseball. Republicans would be better off thinking, are our actions really building support for Georgia?


Reader disappointed that players agreed to All-Star game

Major League Baseball took the 2021 All-Star game away from the city of Atlanta, costing Atlanta businesses approximately $100 million in lost revenue simply because the ownership of “baseball” felt the need to pander to the far left, to our leftist/socialist government and to the Black Lives Matter movement.

Very similar to the decisions certain banks (Bank of America) have made to buy favor. I am disgusted with baseball just as I am with NBA basketball and NFL football. What cowards and how unappreciative they all are of their opportunity to play a little boys game and to get enormous amounts of money for doing so and to get rich owning a sports business franchise.

I am particularly disappointed in Freddie Freeman, Ozzie Albies, and Ronald Acuna for agreeing to play in the All-Star game. Seems like they should be supporting the people and fans who support them and make their millionaire lives possible. If baseball ceased to exist, that would have little or no real impact on our society or culture except that there would be about 350 fewer millionaires strutting around thinking they are so important for being involved in a little boys game. Do little boys still wear short pants when they supposedly become adults? If there was money to be had then probably yes.