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Without spending restraints, U.S. fiscal system set up to fail

It is quite refreshing to hear a Democrat express concern about how we will pay for the endless parade of social programs being rolled out by the progressive left (Carolyn Bourdeaux, “Democrats must learn to listen to those who pay the bills,” April 14). There are two big factors to consider as we confront our unsustainable deficit spending.

First, a sizable portion of U.S. citizens pay no federal income taxes. Thus, progressive social programs are free “goodies” paid for by “the rich.” When you don’t bear the cost, it’s easy to vote for people who promise unending social programs. Second, without a balanced budget amendment, where is the constraint on government spending? There isn’t one until interest costs swamp us and/or we can no longer attract creditors.

The U.S. fiscal system is set up to fail. People who don’t pay federal income taxes can vote for free goodies, and politicians can deficit spend at will. This will not end well.


Expanding firearm background checks will save lives

Congressional Republicans assume they were elected to perform political theater, not represent their constituents with vital, life-saving legislation. They constantly posture and pontificate about all that’s horrible in the United States.

Republicans have consistently blocked national common-sense gun control legislation such as background checks, contrary to numerous polls of Americans across the political spectrum, which documents overwhelmingly strong support.

Gun violence continues unabated, Americans continue to die, and Republicans continue thwarting meaningful gun legislation. But President Biden is taking the action Americans are begging for and making our communities safer by implementing a rule to close loopholes on guns sold at gun shows by thousands of dealers and requiring background checks of buyers. This will save lives.

Republicans utter empty “thoughts and prayers” with every mass shooting, which they’ve done nothing to prevent. But our president is actively making our communities safer, trying to stop the violent gun deaths tearing apart families. He’s doing his job.