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Region must find ways to deal with intense heat

Atlanta has always been termed “Hotlanta” because of its nightlife. Atlanta is “Hotlanta” now because of its hot weather. Our once mild temperatures and weather have been affected by climate change. It is only June, and temperatures are reaching nearly 100 degrees. The hotter temperatures are lasting longer, creating more issues for “Hotlanta.”

July and August are supposed to be our hottest months, so communities are concerned about weather safety, outdoor events, workers’ exposure to the weather and risks to vulnerable populations. In the city of Atlanta and neighboring areas, communities construct cooling shelters or use existing facilities such as libraries and recreation centers to provide shelter from the intense heat.

As temperatures continue to rise, more efforts are needed to combat climate change. Creating more cooling shelters, raising public awareness, protecting vulnerable populations and increasing efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions should be priorities in combating climate change.


Student cellphone withdrawal could get a little weird

Regarding the June 23 AJC article “Ga. schools fed up with cellphones in class”:

Removing cellphones from classes will solve a problem, but it also will create another one.

Students are already addicted and will suffer a withdrawal and bouts of anxiety — something near a mental disorder. They have been exposed too long to a method of removing themselves from reality and have depended on cellphones to provide their consciousness — their connection to the larger world, ignoring the real world around them. They are not with us anymore.

I’ve seen adults go completely weird when their cellphones became inoperable. Cellphones have produced zombies whose existence depends on their phones.