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Lawmakers should put health care above politics

Why is it that 40 states, including 15 Republican states, recognize the humanity of full Medicaid expansion, but Georgia’s Republican politicians do not?

Why is it that these states recognize the many ways that it is fiscally responsible to expand Medicare (especially since the federal government pays 90%), but Republican politicians do not?

Why is it that Republicans are now considering replacing their failed “partner” program with an untested, cumbersome, and mean-spirited Arkansas-style plan with limited coverage?

The answer appears to be that too many GOP politicians want to continue their decade-long effort to tarnish the legacy of President Obama’s Affordable Care Act. It’s time to put the health care of our citizens above politics.


MAGA bent on denying, upending American progress

MAGA is busily proving that, once again, it does not have the best interests of the entire country and the broad world at heart. MAGA, and by that, I mean Trump and the extremist Republicans, have given no evidence that they want to make America great again. All their arguments are designed to weaken and confuse America and the world about the truth of America. They put forth no forward-looking ideas but want to shift the country into reverse. Their strategy is to deny.

Take the economy. It’s booming. It’s outproducing the Trumpist economy in every measurable way, yet mythmaker Trump blusters and says it’s “fragile” and tries to claim his disastrous presidency set Biden’s recovery in motion.

Take foreign policy. Under Biden, America has enhanced its position worldwide, especially in Asia. We have strengthened our NATO commitments and remain the leader in supporting Ukraine. Talk about courage and right-mindedness — America leads our fellow democracies in defying the Putins of the world. MAGA pays court to them. MAGA has only one foreign policy focus: the border with Mexico. Biden is working on that, too, but MAGA trashes the recent bipartisan deal to improve the problem.

America is a country of doers. MAGA is a cohort of deniers, trash-talkers and undoers.