Readers Write


Consider donating to local or global charities this year

Whatever our source of news, it’s impossible to ignore the recurring manmade and natural disasters straining already stretched resources for providing relief to diverse communities.

Red Cross is among the first on the scene; Atlanta Community Food Bank is feeding more hungry neighbors; Atlanta Union Mission is famously helping the homeless get back on their feet; Salvation Army has always provided survival services. CARE and the Aga Khan Foundation USA are globally engaged in sustainable uplift. The list is endless. Choose your favorite charity.

But their own survival depends on the generosity of those who are moved to help them with their time, talents, and treasures. Passover, Easter, and now the month of Ramadan signify new beginnings of caring, sharing, and generosity. We have a very timely opportunity to share our stimulus checks as well as access resources in service of humanity.


Reader thanks Rep. Johnson for climate legislation

Members of Congress often take heat from people who disagree with their actions or statements. It’s only fitting, then, that they hear some appreciation for the good things they do.

Rep. Hank Johnson deserves our thanks for being a co-sponsor of the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act. Introduced on April 1, this legislation would place a rising fee on carbon pollution and give revenue from the fee to households to cover rising energy costs. This market-based incentive will drive down greenhouse gas emissions. Together with other measures, like better fuel-efficiency standards and climate-friendly infrastructure, this policy will help us achieve the essential goal of net-zero emissions by 2050. Thank you, Rep. Johnson, for being a leader on climate solutions!