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Gwinnett commissioner chair is past due for a big raise

Gwinnett County leads metro Atlanta in so many ways – county population growth, diversity, and ability to attract powerhouse businesses - yet we pay our County Commission Chair one of the lowest salaries in the region.

While the commissioners are proposing that the county’s delegation of state lawmakers double the commissioner chair’s salary, I believe that amount is still too low. Our former Chairwomen, Charlotte Nash, generously declined pay increases. As a result, the chair hasn’t received a raise in more than 10 years. While DeKalb County Commissioner’s salary is $174,000 and Cobb County Commissioner’s salary is $140,631, Gwinnett sits at less than $75,000.

I believe that the commissioner’s salary should be at least $200,000 a year. Nicole Love Hendrickson took a decrease in pay when she was elected chairwoman of Gwinnett County’s Commission. Her salary should be commensurate with the duties and comparable to other commissioners in the region. It’s Gwinnett’s turn to truly lead the way!


Georgia needs to automate record clearance

As the pandemic reshapes our economy, and while we re-examine the role of policing in our society, we need a remedy at the intersection of the two issues. Many people with convictions on their records are barred from public housing, SNAP benefits, health care, and other social services — at a time when these services are even more urgent.

That’s why Georgia needs to automate the process of post-conviction relief and rights restoration — for an equitable path to recovery.

We have the tools to provide post-conviction relief at a minimum of risk and effort. Our future depends on our will to rise up.


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