Opinion: Our humanity’s key to moving America forward

Through humility and a willingness to work together, we can overcome divisions.

Credit: TNS

Credit: TNS

Centered amid economic valleys and recessionary woes, lies an America - slowly recuperating from the painstaking effects of a global pandemic and bruised by an onslaught of self-inflicted wounds. From gun violence and police brutality to health and wage disparities, cyclical crises, and more, it is a wonder that our beloved America as a peculiar “house divided” still stands.

The reality is sobering, and the effect has become chilling as our global persona now struggles to effectively mask our growing fragility as a nation. Meanwhile, the world observes as our political and moral vulnerabilities seemingly bleed through historically cracked and systemically stained foundations that have long been overlooked and too frequently ignored.

Whether voting and reproductive rights today, or other civil rights and liberties tomorrow, it is still division – fueled by party politics - that continues to threaten and cast dark shadows over our democracy. And regrettably, it is our political pride that brings with it the growing risk of mutual destruction.

But today lies another chance.

Through humility and a willingness to work together, we can achieve common goals and obtain a shared understanding that every citizen in this country matters, deserves respect and can ultimately make a difference. To do so, however, will actively require that we challenge ourselves to awake each morning with our sights set – not merely on being a devout Republican or a devout Democrat, but more importantly on being a decent American.

Credit: Reginald Duncan

Credit: Reginald Duncan

Let us therefore, appeal to persons and not parties, to a moral conscience as opposed to a political nature - asking that we as Americans step aside from our divisive interests and refocus the intent of our efforts and energies toward solving the fundamental issues of our democracy. This appeal, therefore, is to the humanity of all Americans (elected officials and citizens alike) to advance all civil and human rights, not because of political agenda, but because it is a shared responsibility of our basic humanity.

Together, let us find the power that America needs to move forward in this moment.

Let us secure basic rights for all Americans and uproot seeds of injustice and division - not because we are Democratic or Republican, but because it is simply the right thing to do.

Now is hardly the time to sulk in defeat, but rather it is a time to be bold and organize and strategize more effectively than before for the victory ahead.

As a nation we can and will prevail against the darker shadows and tactics that seek to divide and suppress this country, but only by implementing the demands of justice (as MLK Jr. instructed) and placing our love for one another above, and higher than, our differences of opinion between and among one another.

Only then, through humility and grace, will we truly see the value in securing fundamental rights in America – and only then be afforded the opportunity of establishing a true democracy of liberty and justice for all.

Taos Wynn is an Atlanta-based author, orator and human rights advocate. He is founder of the Perfect Love Foundation and the Millennial Civil Rights Movement.