Opinion: Cost of Biden’s taxes an unwanted Turkey Day guest

If you’re like me, Thanksgiving dinner is your biggest meal of the year. Now, thanks to President Biden, it is also the most expensive.

The price of turkey is up 27 percent. Potatoes are up 13 percent. A 2-pound bag of carrots will cost you 47 percent more this year than it did last year.

As families gather to celebrate what was supposed to be a year of plenty, with shots in the majority of Americans’ arms and life returning to normal, the weight of Democrats’ reckless spending sprees hangs heavy over all in attendance.

U.S. Rep. Earl L. "Buddy" Carter

U.S. Rep. Earl L. "Buddy" Carter
U.S. Rep. Earl L. "Buddy" Carter

The tragedy of this is that it was entirely avoidable. We know how to revitalize our economy: roll back federal interference, craft policies that incentivize employment, reward innovation and cut taxes. Those were the methods that, under President Trump, led to an unprecedented period of growth and prosperity.

The middle class built America. Now, Washington Democrats are destroying both.

We recently learned that consumer prices hit a 30-year high in October. This should have stopped any talks of a trillion-dollar spending spree in its tracks.

Instead, Washington Democrats continued their push for the largest expansion of federal bureaucracy in a generation. This bill will be the wind in the sails of Biden’s inflation crisis.

Rather than energizing our labor force, which is at a meager 61.6% participation rate, and addressing supply chain issues that are crippling our national economy, the radical left is using public dollars to fund amnesty for undocumented immigrants, an expansion of the IRS and socialist Green New Deal proposals.

The port of Savannah, and across the country, has been backlogged for months. While the recent $8 million investment from the White House is a step in the right direction, it pales in comparison to the dire state of Georgia’s shipping industry.

Joe Biden got his boat parade, but it isn’t the one he wanted.

The President is under the impression that he is spending Monopoly money that won’t cost Americans a dime and won’t do anything but help the middle-class and impoverished folks.

He is wrong. The Build Back Better plan has a price tag of approximately 3 trillion real dollars that will affect real people’s lives in a way that they cannot afford.

And the American people are being asked to pay for these disastrous programs twice: once with their hard-earned taxpayer dollars and again at gas stations and grocery stores.

America deserves better. Georgians deserve better. Business owners, workers, and families deserve better.

This Thanksgiving, I am grateful to be a citizen of the freest nation on earth. But we cannot take those freedoms for granted. That is why I am in Washington defending constitutional rights from authoritarian leaders seeking to take them away.

U.S. Rep. Buddy Carter, R-Pooler.

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