9/6 Readers write


Credit: pskinner@ajc.com

Credit: pskinner@ajc.com

Trump followers refuse to believe they could be wrong

I read that more than 60 percent of GOP voters still believe there was pervasive fraud in the 2020 elections, and I ask, “What’s wrong with people?” After all the preponderance of evidence and testimony that has been provided over the last three years, really?

It’s like they are covering their ears with their hands and sticking their heads in the sand. Or perhaps, in their arrogance, they refuse to believe they could possibly be wrong. I wonder more and more every day what it will take for Trump followers to understand that a nationalist, anti-environment, coddling of despots, dereliction of duties (during a health crisis), pro-gun approach is bad enough – but then throw treason on top of that.

In his efforts to overthrow the democracy of the United States, he is our modern-day Benedict Arnold. He should be grateful he is getting his day(s) in court in the U.S., yet he continues to utter untruths and misrepresentations as he leads his lemmings to the sea.


Criticism from advocates can hurt gay marriage support

I’m a longtime admirer of Georgia Equality’s executive director, Mr. Jeff Graham. I write, however, to express dismay at Mr. Graham’s quote in the recent AJC story about 48% of Georgia Republicans opposing same-sex marriage. Mr. Graham said these Georgians are being influenced by “rhetoric that is coming from the most extreme fringes of society.”

In 2004, when I served on Georgia Equality’s board, more than 76% of Georgia voters said yes to banning same-sex marriage. That today, fewer than half of Republicans oppose gay marriage is a glass-half-full success story that could become a lot better if groups like Georgia Equality would stop projecting.

Pushing a theory that questions traditional gender identity, or sexuality or transgenderism on young children. Vilifying women like J.K. Rowling and Riley Gaines because they speak up for female-only spaces and dignity. This is what “extreme fringe” looks like.

Activism by tantrum will not change more Georgia hearts and minds.