9/20 Readers write

Credit: pskinner@ajc.com

Credit: pskinner@ajc.com

Can’t declare ‘truth’ without facts to back it up

In response to the recent letter, “Voting fraud suspicion is another ‘my truth’ to consider,” I’m confident that I represent most people on the left when I state that there is a big difference between declaring a belief as your truth and actually having good reasons for doing so.

Additionally, it can be said that those on the left share the view that, among the voting public, there must be some basic agreement on key facts if our system of government is to function.

Donald Trump has had an incredible lack of success in getting even Republican-appointed judges to take his claims of voting fraud seriously. He also has a well-established penchant for refusing to accept any reality that does not please him.

There are many good reasons for thinking Trump has been and remains a serious threat to our constitutional republic. The mind-boggling 91 indictments, in no less than four different jurisdictions, should make this point all the more clear to the entire country.


Polls show Americans’ dismal view of economy

Mike Luckovich’s Sept. 15 cartoon shows Fox News manipulating footage of the allegedly soaring Biden economy to make the economic rocket appear to be crashing down toward the earth. According to Luckovich, our economic times are wonderful, but Fox News is lying to its viewers.

Well, Fox News must be doing a great job of lying and influencing public opinion, since polls show that Americans have very unfavorable views of the current economy and Biden’s economic prowess. For example, in a recent Suffolk University/USA Today poll, almost 70% of respondents believe our economy is worsening and only about one-third approve of President Biden’s economic performance.

Further, respondents have more confidence in Donald Trump than Joe Biden regarding the economy. Who knew that Fox News could mislead the whole country?

The Biden economic strategy, aided by many in the liberal media, seems to be one of profound denial of economic reality, including the ravages of inflation. How about instead actually trying to fix things?