6/4 Readers write


Credit: pskinner@ajc.com

Credit: pskinner@ajc.com

True liberation is to move beyond victimhood

I noted in the opinion piece, “Diversity doesn’t divide us. Ignorance does” (Insights, May 25), that Dr. Thomas and Dr. Gilbert mention “marginalized people,” “marginalized communities” and “historically oppressed.” And there’s the rub.

It seems to me that thinking in those terms is self-defeating: victimhood and perpetual grievances are not ingredients for change.

Getting beyond that mindset is the essential truth of liberation: Success. Achievement. Personal Responsibility. Triumphant.

Those words empower and liberate the individual.


Congrats graduates! Great time to enter job market

What an exciting time for new graduates to enter the work community!

While other countries such as China are getting older and not replacing retiring workers, new immigrants each year are keeping America young. While the French and Germans want to retire early, Americans want to keep working. There are jobs for almost everyone.

America is energy independent and growing in production of hydrogen, wind and solar power. Our military is without equal in the world. Inflation is worse in other countries. We make our own microchips and are building plants to make more. American creativity is world-class. Our individual productivity is a world leader. Artificial intelligence promises new pharmaceuticals to beat antibiotic-resistant bugs and disease cures and treatments using gene therapy.

This is an opportune time for today’s graduates to show the world what value you offer and to create a good life for yourselves and for others. Welcome, and congratulations — your timing is perfect!


Trump’s candidacy puts Republicans in a difficult situation

Donald Trump needs the support of independents and some moderate Democrats who are disenchanted with Biden’s policies and worry over the obvious decline of his mental acuity.

Trump’s ego will not allow him to see that even if he wins the Republican primaries, he’s too controversial and has too much legal baggage to win over the independents and some of the more moderate Democrats. He must have these two groups to take back the White House.

And, if another Republican should beat him in the primaries and become the Republican candidate in the general election, then I predict Trump would be vindictive enough to run as an independent. This would split the Republican vote, handing Biden a second term.

For Republicans, the conundrum is vote Trump -- or else.


Let’s not return to the ‘old’ days of illusion and ignorance

If I’m feeling sorry for my now scorned, “woke” self, sometimes I wish I could unawaken myself and dream my way back into the 1950s.

There I would find a panacea that precludes self-examination. My society would be segregated, with various races and classes in their proper places. Women would be in their homes cleaning, cooking and bearing children. Men would be clambering over each others’ backs on the mobility ladder. Soldiers would be in Korea, in Germany facing the Soviets, or priming our new nuclear weapons. I would hear my fourth-grade teacher tell us to kneel under our desks in case of a missile attack. Hospitals would have polio wards where kids my age would lie entombed in iron lungs and also be vulnerable to measles.

Surely, America was “one nation under God” — the president said so.

I awakened shaking. I opened my eyes and began to ask why and whether and if. Questions helped me realize two basic functions: illusion plus ignorance equals privilege, and facts plus thinking equals truth.

Does America really want to fall back asleep?