5/17 Readers write

Credit: pskinner@ajc.com

Credit: pskinner@ajc.com

Guns kill, no matter who is pulling trigger

Does the Second Amendment to the Constitution say that everyone in the country should be sure to own a gun or two, three, or more? Should all adults become a “well-regulated Militia” or only conservatives? Are they complying?

Since Ronald Reagan put the mentally ill out on the street, they have not received the care they need. What will a mentally ill person use to kill if no gun is accessible? Their hands?

The guns kill, no matter if the person is sane or insane.


Democracy suffers in Georgia under Republican rule

Georgia is a great place to live if you’re in the ruling class.

The ruling class made it easier for the ruling class to vote and harder to vote for commoners. They took drop boxes from the commoner districts and gave more to the ruling class districts. They purged commoners from voting rolls. They gerrymandered themselves into a majority by splitting up commoner voters. They allow members of the ruling class to challenge legal commoner voters.

They took away commoner women’s reproductive choices. The ruling class is trying to take away money from public schools and give it to the ruling class in the form of a $6,000 gift so their children can attend ruling class schools.

In addition, they are attempting to make it possible for the ruling class to throw out democratically elected prosecutors who don’t do the bidding of the ruling class.

Democracy in Georgia is a sham. We’re a banana republic.