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Credit: pskinner@ajc.com

Credit: pskinner@ajc.com

Important to teach children nation’s history of intolerance

I’m no saint and am the first to admit it. There is one thing I can’t tolerate, though, and that is ignorance around racism, homophobia and xenophobia.

People who refuse to teach their children the reality around those subjects are no better than the white people who wouldn’t tolerate Black people sitting where they wanted on the Montgomery, Alabama buses back in the ‘50s.

They’re no better than the people in Wyoming who tortured and murdered Mathew Shepard for being gay. If you think that’s all a false equivalence, think again. To not teach our children about these subjects is to allow them to happen again.

Children need to learn at an early age about bullying, racism, homophobia and xenophobia so they can become part of the truth and reconciliation process that needs to happen in a free and open-minded United States.

We are a free nation where everyone should be able to practice their religion without fear. That is what our Constitution has guaranteed us.


Your income taxes can help young adults exiting foster care

Each year in Georgia more than 500 young adults exit the foster care system and are left to fend for themselves; 1 in 6 end up homeless. Now, however, Georgia taxpayers can redirect their tax dollars to assist youth transitioning from foster care and help prevent poverty and homelessness. The Fostering Success Tax Credit passed last year allows Georgia taxpayers a dollar-for-dollar 2023 tax credit for donations made to organizations like Wellroot with support programs for young adults.

Our goal at Wellroot is to stand in the gap and increase hope for youth leaving foster care and entering adulthood without family support. Our programs enable critical, needed services such as life-skills training, tutoring and career development.

None of this would be possible without loving contributions from those in our community. Please consider investing your tax dollars in organizations like Wellroot and give new hope to youth transitioning from foster care. All children need and deserve a loving family with no expiration date.