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Credit: pskinner@ajc.com

Credit: pskinner@ajc.com

Climate change affects everyone, regardless of politics

Re: The news story, “Spring has sprung, but it’s too early” (News, March 13), I was shocked to feel hope when reading this front-page news story on Georgia’s early spring. Not because the second-hottest February on record is good news; it is not. But because the piece notes that warmer temperatures have farmers worried.

For too many people, the “climate issue” is a red-blue issue instead of an issue for everybody. As an evangelical Christian in politically divided Gwinnett County, I’m tired of division and hope we might be in a green spring of awakening awareness.

Food security, energy independence, good paying jobs for local businesses and defending the life of our children with clean air and water are commonsense green solutions we can all rally around – farmers, suburbanites and city-dwellers alike.

I’m glad to hear Gov. Brian Kemp wants to ensure Georgia is “the electric mobility capital of America.” With surface temperatures rising, I’m hopeful we can begin to lower political temperatures too.


U.S. Rep. Greene’s absurdities continue to embarrass

Is there something in the water in Marjorie Taylor Greene’s 14th Congressional District?

Why else would the residents of that district continue to re-elect the woman who once suggested we were being bombarded by space lasers and peddled debunked QAnon conspiracies like Pizzagate, alleging that Clinton and other Democratic Party leaders were running a human-trafficking and pedophilia ring out of a pizzeria in Washington, D.C.?

She continues to be a national laughingstock, from liberals and conservatives alike, including a large share of Georgians.

Greene’s latest forage into absurdity was her claim that an object found along the U.S. southern border was a bomb which turned out to be a “ball of sand” wrapped in duct tape. She demanded that the U.S. military send troops to our southern border. I am relieved that we’re not at war with our Mexican neighbors.