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Credit: pskinner@ajc.com

Credit: pskinner@ajc.com

Republicans need to back McCarthy as Speaker

My wife and I have been Christian, conservative Republicans ever since we overcame our liberal/leftist college indoctrination and started our family.

Back in the early ‘70s, we realized that the Democrat party was good at promising everything, especially if it brought votes and offered an enticing message and narrative. The Dems were very good at spending taxpayer funds in an unaccounted way. Think about the border nightmare, drug deaths, inflation, lack of energy security, a pending recession, decline in investments and savings, decline in religious values, increase in crime, growth of the “woke” movement, a decline in patriotism, growth of bureaucratic governance, defunding of the police and no-bail initiatives.

All that said, I will stop supporting the Republicans if a small bunch of selfish representatives does not stick together like the Democrats always do and vote for Kevin McCarthy for Speaker of the House. Only Republicans can change this incompetent mess, but only if they stay together.


Trump’s lack of financial transparency raises suspicion

It’s not surprising that a Dec. 30 letter about Donald Trump’s tax returns should be skewed: everything about Trump’s finances has been a source of contention and confusion for many years.

Until he entered politics, he was just a private citizen. When he became president, he was no longer just a private citizen. He was our most public citizen. Since Nixon’s presidency, incoming presidents have made at least a summary of their tax information public. Whether Trump is guilty of a variety of fraudulent actions is yet to be determined, but the truth will be out.

The deeper question about his returns is why he chose opacity over transparency. He railed against Hillary Clinton for failing to reveal emails, but he now resists coming clean to Americans about his possible financial machinations. Maintaining secrecy automatically makes Trump look evasive, deceptive, obstructive, or frightened.