1/22 Readers write

Credit: pskinner@ajc.com

Credit: pskinner@ajc.com

American democracy in danger under Republican leaders

It is too much to believe that the vast majority of Republicans would not support and defend traditional American democracy. (They’re conservatives, after all.) But it’s getting easier to think that their leadership, out of either opportunism or fear, would cede increasing power to a clique whose evident intent is the destruction of that democracy.


UGA crash is sobering reminder to buckle up

The profound grief following the horrific crash in Athens that killed two and injured two will continue for a long time. At some point in the aftermath, government officials should recognize a sad aspect of this tragedy and take action.

I understand that neither passenger in the rear seat was wearing a seat belt. Those in the front seat did, perhaps because of those irritating but effective alert beeps. Belts are no guarantee of survival, but the unbelted Georgia football player in the rear seat perished upon ejection.

I understand that proposals have been made for many years to require beep alerts for rear seat belts but have bogged down in bureaucracy and the red tape of federal rule-making. Perhaps this tragedy will spur government action and at least prod people, especially young people, to click the rear seat belts.


As wealthy gain power, working people get left behind

The U.S. system is becoming increasingly less democratic and more plutocratic. The average family is being reduced to poverty and powerlessness at the hands of the wealthy. From tax laws, labor issues and wages, education, and housing, everything increasingly goes against working people.

And what is the self-preservation response from the proletariat? They are screaming about imagined pedophilia rings and discontinued Dr. Seuss books.

We are answering bullets with nerf balls. There is no immediate cause for hope for the working people of the United States of America. We are sinking into Third World status, but we still have the biggest military and most of the nukes, so let’s celebrate!


Loeffler misses chance to dispel ‘voter fraud’ lie

Kelly Loeffler credits the Georgia GOP’s 2022 successes partially to her organization’s outreach to “disenfranchised” voters - those conservatives who did not participate in the 2021 runoffs because they felt their votes did not count due to fraud.

“When they feel like their vote doesn’t count, that’s that sense of being disenfranchised,” she said. “We wanted to make sure people understood the work that the General Assembly had done on Senate Bill 202, that some of the concerns were addressed.”

So Ms. Loefller told these voters the truth -- that there is no voter fraud except isolated incidents by members of both parties? That it is a lie perpetuated by the purported leader of their party because he is not man enough to accept his loss?

No, she told them that the new voting law pushed by Georgia Republicans had “addressed” the fraud. Another coward.


Biden’s document situation pales against Trump’s

I had a good laugh at the letter to the editor who declared President Biden’s classified documents situation is just like Donald Trump’s. Unlike Trump, there are a relatively handful of documents compared to the 11,000 documents Donald Trump willfully stole from the White House. More importantly, President Biden has been fully cooperating with investigators from the moment the documents were discovered.

There was no need to repeatedly request the documents be returned over a period of months, ending with a raid by the FBI to recover them.

Conservatives love to use the “whaddabout” argument to excuse the unethical behavior of their representatives, apparently never having learned what most people learn in kindergarten -- two wrongs do not make a right.