1/19 Readers write

Credit: pskinner@ajc.com

Credit: pskinner@ajc.com

Gov. Kemp should also address home energy costs

In his inaugural address, Gov. Brian Kemp said he expects Georgia to become “the electric mobility capital of America.” After the applause, he said: “To accomplish this goal we are keeping our foot on the gas.” That’s funny and appeasing to gas-guzzler drivers.

I applaud enticing clean energy manufacturing but also hope our state promotes lowering home energy, heating and cooling costs.

The Inflation Reduction Act serves both goals -- jobs and household expenses -- while acknowledging global warming is threatening all of us, causing rivers in the skies to dump waters in the West and winter tornadoes in the East. These events occurred before, but their frequency and intensity have increased because excess greenhouse gases have added moisture to our atmosphere.

Thank Gov. Kemp and encourage him to go the extra mile. Kemp’s foot on the gas also needs a helping hand for our homes!


The Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s ‘Balanced Views’ tend to lean left

Thank you for putting “From the Left” and “From the Right” headings on your Sunday Balanced Views columns. Using nationally syndicated columns from The Washington Post and The New York Times sometimes makes discerning which is from the left and which from the right challenging. The Jan. 15 selections are a good example. From the Left features Eugene Robinson’s “United States exports its election denialism to Brazil,” and From the Right has Ross Douthat’s “Brazil’s Jan. 6 imitation again shows futility of populism.”

It is said there’s a wide gulf between the political left and right, but in the editorials of the Post and the Times, the gulf often shrinks to a less discernible gap between the tepid right and the left, widening only if the left goes far left. I could be encouraged to view somewhat interchangeable left and right columns as a sign of hope if both columns ever leaned right instead of always left.