1/18 Readers write

Credit: pskinner@ajc.com

Credit: pskinner@ajc.com

Biden caught in same offense he criticized Trump for

Once again, the Democrats, in the person of our illustrious and do-nothing President, except for three-hour staged photo ops in El Paso with no illegal immigrants in sight, has been uncovered as committing the same offense as he criticized Trump for and for which the Justice Dept raided Trump’s home and carried out a very public investigation.

Why is it always the same nonsense, lies, and distortion of the truth, with mainstream media supporting Democrats’ fraudulent actions and positions? Try telling the truth for once, Mr. Democrat.


Republicans want to obstruct, make Congress dysfunctional

The Republican clown show surrounding the election of Kevin McCarthy as Speaker of the House does not bode well for the future of our republic.

Among the dangerous concessions McCarthy made to the right-wing extremists that held his election hostage would place restrictions on raising the debt ceiling that could result in defaulting on the national debt, plunging the nation and the world into economic crisis, making it easier to shut down the government if an annual budget fails to be approved, and crippling the IRS by severely cutting its funding, thus reducing the tax revenue which the government desperately needs to function.

In short, the Republicans have no interest in governing. Instead, they want to spread chaos and obstruction that would render Congress dysfunctional. Their only concerns are holding on to power and protecting the wealthy.


Young Thug a contrast to past iconic Black performers

Two reactions to AJC coverage of the ongoing trial of Atlanta rap stars/alleged gang members: One, it is an insult to iconic Black performers such as Little Richard, Chuck Berry, James Brown and many others to characterize the garbage purveyed by individuals such as Young Thug as “music.”

Two, references to this genre as an expression of Black “art and culture” and seemingly justifying it as a legitimate way for young Black men to break out of poverty should be loudly condemned but, as usual, the silence from Black leaders is deafening.