11/27 Readers write

Credit: pskinner@ajc.com

Credit: pskinner@ajc.com

Republicans sadly sought to capitalize on Walker’s football fame

Shame on Republican leaders in Georgia and beyond for putting forth Herschel Walker as a Senate candidate. How selfish as they manipulate him to serve their own political agenda. They are putting forth such an unqualified person by capitalizing on his former football celebrity status while humiliating him and his family as his past and present character flaws are made widely known to the public. It is not only sad but unconscionable.


Conservatives can make their voices heard with Senate pick

Your front-page split ticket news story was an interesting one, “Split-ticket voters could decide runoff” (Nov. 20), as it emphasized the importance of a runoff.

Voters’ remarks and choices added to the flavor. If conservatives want to make their voices heard, they must look beyond December 6. A vote for the Republican candidate gives them the opportunity -- 50/50 is better than 51/49.

With a large number of Republican governors, if a Democratic senator expires or retires in the years ahead, that conservative governor can appoint a replacement from his party.

All elections are important. In many countries, the right to vote is disallowed. We are fortunate, so don’t waste your chance.


Modern libertarians want balanced budgets, entitlement reforms

Common libertarian traits are being fiscally conservative and socially tolerant. A recent letter by a hard-core libertarian expresses her views. I’m a moderate libertarian, and there’s a huge difference.

While I also want freedom of speech and privacy protection, I (like other moderates) recognize the need for some reasonable restrictions on gun rights, and I reject the (unrealistic and unreasonable) notion of eliminating the federal government from my state and my life.

Why is this important? Because our nation’s debts are in danger of “spiraling out of control” (as prognosticated by the GAO in 2007, when the total debt was 29% of what it is now), and the two major parties won’t do anything about the situation.

Moderate libertarians want balanced budgets and reasonable entitlement reforms (including reductions). I proposed such for Social Security and Medicare to some hard-core leaders of the Georgia Libertarian Party in 2019. They had no interest.

The two major parties are leading the country off a financial cliff, and hard-core libertarians offer no real solutions. While moderate libertarians supply solutions, they are, unfortunately, a small minority of Americans.


Stopping crime wave starts with gun control laws

In an opinion column, “After midterms, summits, now what Mr. President?” (Opinion, Nov. 20), Republican authors are asking the president, “What will you do to stem the nationwide crime wave threatening the lives, safety and property of every man, woman, and child in America?”

Coming from Republicans, the hypocrisy of this question is beyond belief. The kinds of crimes they speak of are mainly committed with guns, not knives or bows and arrows. Yet the Republicans and their gun-loving allies have done everything possible to disallow or do away with reasonable, commonsense gun regulations. Even though large majorities of Americans, even gun owners, favor laws to prevent the widespread purchase of, or at least proper registration of guns (not to mention semiautomatic, military-style weapons used in many recent mass shootings), they are relentless in their opposition to any gun control laws.

Authors, give us a break. Do not ask the president what he is going to do about crime. Be honest and ask why Republicans enable the endless existence of guns in America.