11/14 Readers write


Credit: pskinner@ajc.com

Credit: pskinner@ajc.com

After Trump destroyed GOP, other candidates are doomed

As we slog toward the Republican primary season, I can’t help but feel sorry for the GOP candidates other than Trump.

They show up for these debates and gladhand at state fairs and can’t generate much traction in this pigsty that Trump has created.

Trump killed the Republican Party with his authoritarianism and hateful rhetoric. Trump sees no need to build consensus; he just bulldozed Republicans into submission. You have Republicans who tried to break free, like Lindsey Graham, who had about the same luck resisting Trump as the fictional Renfield did resisting Dracula. Ultimately, they all faltered and said, “I will obey, master.”

Republicans can’t gain traction because the Republican Party is dead. Republicans continue to have these debates as more of a funeral than an expression of life. Trump sucks the life out of everything he touches.

Perhaps the American people can act en masse to kill the MAGA Machine once and for all. I certainly hope so.


Charges against Trump are political

Re: Patricia Murphy’s “The gathering storm for President Biden in Georgia” (Nov. 8), most columnists like Murphy are finally recognizing the futility of demonizing Trump and also recognizing the futility of supporting Biden.

Regardless of one’s party choice, I believe Biden has to be recognized as a person suffering from an advanced form of dementia and being unable to govern.

Everyone with an ounce of intelligence understands the charges against Trump are political and have nothing to do with fraud or election interference. Those trying to associate Trump with false charges are all Democrats. The NY AG won her seat with a promise to prosecute Trump.

The Atlanta DA is a Democrat who chose to prosecute Trump because he represents law and order. Her calendar would be filled if she spent all her days fighting local crime.