11/12 Readers write


Credit: pskinner@ajc.com

Credit: pskinner@ajc.com

Commission to rein in prosecutors seems unconstitutional

If you don’t like Georgia’s governor, do we then create an unelected oversight committee with the power to remove the governor? If you don’t like your mayor, do we appoint a committee that can remove the mayor? The Georgia commission to remove rogue prosecutors is wrong and must be declared unconstitutional.

We already have sufficient oversight. It’s called an election.


Potential voters don’t like Biden’s progressive policies

The latest polls show Biden’s approval numbers sinking lower against Trump, even in all but one of the coveted battleground states. They also show he’s losing ground with young voters, Black voters and Hispanic voters.

The Dems and the mainstream media are mystified as to why this is happening. They think Biden needs to work harder at getting the message of his accomplishments out to the public, that voters just don’t understand.

In reality, in my opinion, potential voters have gotten his message and don’t like it. They believe Biden’s policies have brought them higher prices for necessities, open borders with drugs pouring in and unchecked crime in our cities. Add to these his appearance of mental decline, and it’s obvious at this time that the electorate does not like him or what his progressive policies have done to them or our country.

As it stands now, Trump’s popular conservative policies outweigh the Dems’ determination to take him out of the race with criminal charges.


Other GOP election deniers also need to apologize

On Oct. 24, former Trump attorney Jenna Ellis tearfully apologized to Georgia voters in Fulton County Court for supporting Trump’s traitorous effort to steal the 2020 election. We’ll never know if her nationally broadcast tears expressed remorse for her crimes, for getting caught, or for coming to Georgia on a Big Lie fact-finding mission with Rudy Giuliani.

Ellis admitted guilt for her actions directed against the U.S. constitutional requirement for a peaceful transfer of presidential power. Something made her breach her personal wall of separation between reality and Trump’s fantasy world and accept accountability.

What keeps Georgia’s current U.S. House representatives Rick Allen, Buddy Carter, Andrew Clyde, Marjorie Taylor Greene and Barry Loudermilk from bursting out of their unreality bubbles, from accepting accountability for their evidence-free actions and statements and from joining with Jenna Ellis in apologizing to Georgia voters, and voters nationwide, for trying to nullify our votes?


Biden’s future is stormy due to policies, age, war

Columnist Patricia Murphy discusses the bad polling news for President Biden in “The gathering storm for Joe Biden in Georgia” (Nov. 8) and shares advice from a progressive activist who “urged the White House to take credit for programs she said are working for progressive voters, even if they don’t know it.”

I’m sorry, but when you are to the point of condescendingly asserting that your own base just doesn’t know how great things are, you have a massive political problem.

Perhaps the Biden 2024 campaign slogan should be: “You don’t know it, but things are great.” Of course, our eyes tell us otherwise. Add in Biden’s advanced age and a Democratic Party that has been fractured overnight by the Israel-Hamas war, and it is stormy indeed for Biden.