11/10 Readers write


Credit: pskinner@ajc.com

Credit: pskinner@ajc.com

Veterans’ service still needed to help bring nation together

The oath given to each person entering the military references the defense of the Constitution against all enemies, foreign or domestic, allegiance and obeying the orders of the president and military officers.

Each person who does not give service to the country must remember the devotion, dedication and sacrifice after the oath is taken by those individuals now known as veterans. The U.S. veteran is a protector of the country. We know war is far-reaching and can spread globally. For those who wear and have worn the military uniform, we give respect. As a veteran of Vietnam with family WW ll veterans, I recognize the millions of civilians who have died in wars, and I believe veterans need to awaken to the cause of peace in communities and find a way to continue their service.

I believe our country must look to communication, mediation and people coming together to resolve differences from the past and the present. Remember, the commonality is human rights, liberty and freedom. Veterans are the mainstay.


Democrats are increasingly on the fringe

Re: The column, “Yes, Democrats can be their own worst enemy” (Opinion, Nov. 5), that applies to this country as well. They are working hard to prove it.

Pamela Paul frets about the Democratic Party’s failings in matters of culture and class. Her stated exception, sadly, is “strength on abortion rights,” a sign of a failed culture with little class and dwindling humanity. Does she think killing the defenseless is a positive for the party?

Perhaps that’s why the Democrats’ ever-growing left wing, including college students inculcated with radical ideas, is protesting Israel and downplaying, even supporting, Hamas’s brutality.

After suggesting narrow progressive stances have limited the Dems’ appeal, Paul borrows sentiment that Democratic failings may have “contributed to the rise of the most toxic tendencies on the political right,” thereby making Dems responsible for both sides’ fringes.

The Democratic Party may not yet be a fringe party, but it’s increasingly a party of the fringe.