Woman ditches car, gets coffee in drive-thru with dogsled

A Canadian woman didn't let snow get in the way of her daily cup of Joe.

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When Allyson Mitton of New Brunswick, Canada saw that snow had covered the ground outside her home, she didn't think twice about getting coffee at her favorite coffee shop. 

She didn't freak out about potentially dangerous driving conditions, but rather decided to get to the coffee shop another way -- via dogsled.

Mitton attached the sled to two of her bordie collie and hit the road.

When she pulled up to the drive-thru, the sensor that alerts employees of approaching customers didn't go off since the sled wasn't big enough or heavy enough. Mitton urged her dogs to pull the sled to the shop's window and placed her order there.

"I think the (employees) might have been a little bit in shock," Mitton told "Breakfast Television" on Thursday. "They were just so super nice, and they talked to the dogs too."

Getting coffee in the mornings is a must for Mitton, who said the coffee shop, called Tim Horton's, is a favorite among residents of Sussex, New Brunswick. 
“In a snowstorm, the Tim's is the last place to close," she said. "The grocery stores would close first."
Mitton, a dog trainer, said that while most people expect huskies to pull sleds, border collies can do so as well and need lots of exercise.