This is the average household income in Atlanta, according to study

Georgia comes in at No. 19 in a new ranking of happiest states in the US WalletHub looked at 31 key metrics in three main catagories for this study. Georgia finished No. 7 in community and environment. The state was No. 16 in work environment, finishing low in the metric of "income growth." Georgia was No. 25 in emotional and physical well-being, ranking 47th in sports participation.

Your job and age aren’t the only factors that determine your paycheck. Your location does, too. So what’s the average household income in Atlanta?

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Business Insider recently conducted a study to find out. The publication used the United States Census Bureau's American Community Survey to determine the mean household income in the 30 biggest metropolitan areas in America. The information they assessed included data from 2017, and they defined household as "all the people who occupy a housing unit."

After analyzing the results, they discovered San Francisco and Washington, D.C. have the highest mean household incomes, respectively. While San Francisco’s is $140,720, the nation’s capital’s is $128,402.

As for Atlanta, it was No. 16 on the list. The average household income here is $90,879.

Tampa,Florida, was No. 30 out of all the top cities ranked with a mean household income of $74,499.

Overall, the national mean household income is $84,525 annually. However, about one-third of the cities on the list have an average income below that, according to the findings. Only 19 cities on the list exceed the national average.

Want to know how other cities fared? Take a look at the entire round-up here.

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