The internet isn’t happy with Coke Zero’s new makeover

Coca-Cola Zero Sugar will be out next month in the U.S.

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Coca-Cola Zero Sugar will be out next month in the U.S.

Makeovers are generally fun to watch. But when Coke announced that it would be revamping its Coke Zero product, the internet seemed less than impressed.

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The Atlanta-based company broke the news Wednesday, revealing that it would no longer sell the drink in the U.S. beginning in August. Instead, it would replace it with Coke Zero Sugar, which will have a taste even more similar to the traditional Coke. Coke Zero Sugar will be sweetened with the same artificial sweeteners as the diet version.

The reason for the switch is a result of declining sales, and the corporation also said it wants to make a clear distinction between its products. While Diet Coke and Coke Zero both contain neither calories nor sugar, Coke Zero’s taste has always mimicked the original formula.

Despite the brand’s efforts to clear up any confusion, the internet seemed more perplexed than ever over the change. Many on social media were mourning the loss of one of their favorite sodas.

🙏🏻 best diet soda ever made— Joey Bag of Donuts🌯 (@_joeyy27) July 26, 2017
🌹Maxine🌹 (@CatObsessedMax) July 26, 2017

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There were some others who had a few marketing ideas that would save Coke Zero.

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And a few despised the consumption of soda altogether - diet or not.

📎 (@dinhi45) July 26, 2017
😂— MysticInvestigations (@MetaphysicalPI) July 26, 2017

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