Need a vacation? Take a trip to Walt Disney World with Google Maps

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Wish you could take a trip to Walt Disney World or Disneyland? Just hop on Google Maps, because the amusement parks are now available in street view.

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The tech company announced the news this week, revealing that you can virtually visit the tourist spots right from your home.

"We're all about new fantastic points of view. Today Street View is going the distance, from California to Florida, to make Disney part of your world," the search engine site wrote on its blog. "Be our guest at 11 Disney Parks, and with Street View, anything your heart desires will come to you—castles, rides, attractions to infinity and beyond."

You can see 360-degree views of attractions, including Epcot, Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios, and folks on social media are thrilled. A few took to Twitter to share their excitement.

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Last October, Google released a feature that allows people to explore the moons and planets of the solar system.

Users can click through 16 celestial bodies including Mars, Mercury, Venus, Pluto and the moons that orbit other planets. You can even make a pit stop at the International Space Station. Take a look here.

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