Man helps little brother with epic first date in viral Twitter thread

First dates can be nerve-racking. Luckily, one man helped ease his younger sibling’s jitters, sharing the best moments from the event in a viral Twitter thread.

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Kinglsey Morgan of Jamaica pulled out all the stops earlier this month when his 16-year-old brother, Keneil, asked him to prepare a home-cooked meal for a special occasion.

"My little brother has a crush on this girl and he invited her over for dinner. I'm the chef and i'm geeked," he tweeted.

He then proceeded to document the whole experience and cheered his brother on all night.

"We have a very close relationship. He considers me his role model and we do everything together," he told Blavity. "I study with him, we swap stories, he teaches me the latest dance moves in Jamaica, we cook together, go to the movies together — like I said, everything."

Morgan, 25, created the young girl's favorite dish: coconut-curried chicken and lemongrass white rice, which she loved.

But Morgan wasn't the only one to pitch in. Their dad lended an assist, too, by setting the mood with some music.

"It was clear that he was trying to impress his date which meant the onus was on myself and my family to share that responsibility as well," he said. "I wanted him to spend time with her, so dad took on his weekend chores and I took on the cooking from dad."

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The night was a success - not just with the teen's date but also with thousands of people online. The Twitter thread received more than 3 million impressions and over 75,000 likes. The first tweet alone has more than 75,000 retweets.

Morgan was excited about the huge outpour.

“The response from online,” he stated, “has only affirmed that a lot of people still value this kind of treasured and chivalrous approach to dating even with the advent of social media where almost everything is ephemeral.”

Plus, he was thrilled for his little brother and promised to keep everyone updated on the couple.

Take a look at the full thread here

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