High temperatures force carriages off Charleston streets

Summer is well underway, and the sun sometimes forces us to stay inside. But humans aren’t the only ones who need to escape the heat. Charleston, South Carolina says horses do, too.

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The city issued an order earlier this week advising horse-drawn carriage companies to keep their animals in their stables. It’s a part of a new rule that requires horses to be kept inside when officials record four consecutive readings of 95 degrees or higher at 15-minute intervals.

On Wednesday afternoon, the temperatures steadily climbed, forcing Charleston to lay down the law.

Luckily, temperatures dropped low enough for the order to be lifted by the evening.

But not all agree with the order. One employee from Palmetto Carriage Works told WSAV that the horses were pulled off the streets too early, while a representative from Charleston Animal Society thinks 95 degrees is still too high.