Granny snake charmer: 81-year-old brave enough to remove two pythons from grill

Grandparents can be tough. Some have lived long enough to see almost anything, and Faye Morgan is no different.

The slithery story began when Jackson Wright and his dad saw a snake in their backyard in Brisbane, Australia, Sunday.  The snake, which turned out to be a python, took shelter in the family grill, The Washington Post reported.

They called in the big guns to take care of the serpent --81-year-old Faye Morgan, the woman Wright calls "Ga" or "Grandma." She's Wright's sister-in-law's grandmother. But it doesn't matter that they're not related by blood since she saved the day, the Post reported.

Monday, Morgan came to the guys' rescue. Nonchalantly she opened the grill, lifted the cover and grabbed the snake by the tail and head and stuffed it into a plastic bin on the ground, 7 News reported.

Wright was safely positioned behind the camera, recording Morgan’s every move. Wright’s father was holding the lid of the plastic bin, a safe distance away.

After the first snake was in the bin, they realized there was a second one on the grill.

Morgan snatched that one up to and put it in the bin with its roommate.

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But snakes are not out of the ordinary for Morgan. She lives on a farm and has dealt with them before.

Snake experts say that while Morgan was able to subdue and relocate the snakes from the grill, that’s not necessarily the best thing to do.

Professional snake handler Stuart McKenzie told 7 News to leave it alone and it should go away on its own.

Morgan agrees.

"I don't recommend that anyone should do what I do," Morgan told 7 News.

FILE PHOTO: An 81-year-old grandmother helped save her family from two pythons that were hiding in their backyard grill.

Credit: Joe Raedle

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Credit: Joe Raedle