Goat and monkey form unlikely but adorable friendship

An unlikely animal friendship is getting attention across the internet.

The Dodo reported that Zhong Shu, a farmer in eastern China, discovered a monkey riding on a goat while tending to his own herd.

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The farmer told Beijing-based news channel CCTV that in the five days he's seen the pair together non-stop.

"It seems the goats made (him) feel safe," Shu said. "Every time I came to shut goats in the fold at night, I found the monkey was either on the back of this goat or that goat. I tried to feed bananas to the monkey, but it did not eat and held onto the goat tightly."

Footage shows the baby monkey clinging to the fine-haired black goat as he munches on leaves and spends time with other goats.

It is not clear what drew the two together, but CBC News reported that, according to CCTV, authorities plan to rescue the monkey and take it to the Yichun zoo.