Frida, the rescue dog, is a hero, but she didn’t save as many people as we thought

Within the last several weeks, a series of natural disasters have hit parts of the United States, the Caribbean and neighboring countries including Mexico. While emergency workers have been working around the clock to recover the affected areas, there's one rescue dog that has garnered extra attention.

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Frida, a rescue dog from the Mexican navy’s Canine Unit, made headlines this week due to her heroic efforts following the 7.1-magnitude earthquake that rocked Mexico City Tuesday.

Several news outlets and tweeps have praised her for saving more than 50 people this week.

But that number is off − by a lot.

The 7-year-old Labrador has actually only saved just over 50 people since joining the Mexican navy, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Throughout her career, she has recovered 52 people, 12 of which were alive, in various natural disasters, including the earthquake that hit in Oaxaca, Mexico, a few weeks ago.

“When Frida’s story went viral this week, many people confused the exact details of her rescues, with some thinking that all 52 people were alive or that all 52 people were detected during the Mexico City earthquake,” the report read.

Although Frida hasn’t saved a few dozen people during the aftermath of the Mexico City earthquake, she’s probably just getting started.

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The Navy has dispatched 15 rescue dogs in an effort to find survivors and those who have died. About 270 people have been confirmed dead, and that number will likely rise as Frida and her crew continue their search.