Flight goals: One woman got the ‘VIP’ treatment as the only passenger aboard a jet


Flight goals: One woman got the ‘VIP’ treatment as the only passenger aboard a jet

When one woman prepared to hop on a flight from Glasgow to Crete, she expected to see a slew of people at the gate. Instead, she walked onto the plane with ease, because she was the only passenger on board. 

Karon Grieve from Scotland paid about $54 to travel to the Greek island to write a crime novel. Two other people booked the trip, too, but when they failed to show up, Grieve found herself riding solo. 

The airline Jet2 told BBC the jet seats 189 people. However, it’s not unusual for the final flight of the season to have few bookings than normal.

“This was our last flight to Crete from Glasgow Airport this year, marking the end of a very busy and successful season,” a Jet2 spokesperson said. 

Grieve didn’t seem to mind though, because she called her experience “surreal.” The entire crew, including the pilot, knew her name, and she received the “VIP” treatment.

“The captain was fantastic. She came and sat beside me while the first officer did all the flight checks and we were chatting away about the flight," Grieve told BBC. "Every time she made an announcement she said, 'Hi there Karon, you'll see Croatia on your left-hand side', and then we flew through this amazing lightning storm and she suddenly came on and said, 'Hi Karon and the girls, quickly run to the other side of the plane and look at this, it's amazing.’”

Grieve plans to spend the next month in Crete before returning to Scotland. Although the airline doesn’t expect her flight home to be as empty, the spokesperson said they were happy to serve her. 

"We're delighted that Karon got to experience our VIP customer service in style onboard our award-winning airline,” the spokesperson said. “We hope Karon has a fantastic time in Crete and that we got her trip off to a great start."


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