2 Chainz Pink Trap House redefines Atlanta ‘ratch’ with hip-hop monument

If you’ve driven down Howell Mill recently, you might have noticed one of the homes on the street is not like the other.

The bright, pink one with the word “trap” written on the front in big, black letters belongs to rapper 2 Chainz, and it’s been dubbed as Atlanta’s newest landmark.

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Since flipping the rental home, located on 1530 Howell Mill, to host a listening party for his latest project "Pretty Girls Like Trap Music," fans have been lining up in droves to take photos at the site which mimics his album cover.

Striking their best poses in the front yard near the pink stove or pink old school car, which has since been towed due to window damages, hundreds have been swarming The Pink Trap House.

“The idea starts off with the artist himself, and it’s our job to see it through,” Coach Tek, 2 Chainz’s manager, told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “I knew it was a dope idea, but I honestly did not expect for it to turn into what it is now.”

But the unique monument isn’t just for selfies. Its purpose is two-fold.

You may be surprised to learn that the site is also an art gallery. For $5, you can go inside to view or purchase hip-hop-inspired art from local artists.

With paintings of Andre 3000Tupac and other ATL landmarks, the gallery offers visitors a chance to either take in the beautiful work or add a new piece to their own collection.

“That’s what this is all about,” Tek said.

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Although the gallery shuts down in the evenings for painting classes, which are completely booked through the last day on Sunday, that hasn’t stopped people from showing up for selfies.

Available until July 7, the landmark is a hit, and 2 Chainz’s crew was very selective when picking the perfect spot.

“We wanted it to look like Atlanta. We wanted it to look like what you would typically see architectural-wise for a traditional Atlanta home, which is always ratch, has one floor and three bedrooms with bars on the windows and the doors,” Tek explained.

And it only took them 24 hours to transform the "white, plain Jane, characterless house” into The Pink Trap House. After leaving an event in New York City, the crew flew to Atlanta the same night to prepare it for the listening party the next day.

But everyone hasn’t been thrilled about its growing popularity. Companies in the area have said the site’s large crowds have affected business. That’s why Tek’s team recently cleared out the back of the home to create parking spaces.

And others believe it glorifies trap houses, a term used to describe a place where drugs are sold.

“You can’t judge a book by its cover. If you don’t understand the culture, don’t speak on it. We’re taking something that was negative at some point in life and making it positive ... and we’re making it beautiful! It’s pink,” Tek laughed.

Supporters of it certainly seem to think so. The Pink Trap House has gained so much notoriety that people have been traveling from other cities to see it, and there’s an entire Instagram page dedicated to it. Plus, 2 Chainz is proud of its success.

“He’s enjoying it. It’s one thing to dream of an idea. It’s another thing for it to come to life ,” Tek said. “Someone made me realize that this is the first hip-hop monument of Atlanta. With the city being the mecca of Southern rap music, it’s amazing that no one has already built one. This is how they’re viewing The Pink Trap House. That’s impressive.”

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